- A Women's Collective in Sustainable Tourism


We warmly welcome you to Snehatheeram, a hospitality initiative owned and managed by fisher women located in a coastal village in southern Kerala, India.  Fishing and yarn making from coconut fiber are our main livelihoods. We invite you to experience our daily life and become part of our community for a few days.

Why should you visit us ?

  • For us Traveller is not a 'client' but a conscious participant in a change process that reintroduces ethical values
  • The financial contributions from the guest shall be shared judiciously by the community and a part of these inputs shall be used for the common good of the area
  • We are very particular to ensure equity, and preservation of ecological, environmental and socio-cultural features of the destination
  • You will experience authentic and candid rural lifestyle of coastal Kerala, since nothing is specially 'arranged'for the traveller

         Where Do You Stay?


       What do you Experience?


How much do you contribute?

                 53 $/night/person

                Includes all activity cost

                Includes all meals

                Excludes transportation

                Minimum two nights